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Operation Snowball

Operation Snowball is a youth/adult partnership leadership prevention program for adolescents and children focused on making positive healthy lifestyle choices.

The name originates from the idea, “If I have a positive impact on you, you can have a positive impact on someone else and the effect SNOWBALLS.”

We focus on leading drug and violence-free lives for ourselves and our community. Snowball is a leadership development program, not a treatment program.

Operation Snowflake is aimed at 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students while Operation Snowflurry is set up for 4th and 5th grade students.

Students wanting to be participants in these programs can find us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events, obtain a registration form from their school around event times, or by simply emailing Kay Gray or Caitlin Chagoya, event coordinators at gray@ihrpontiac.com or chagoya@ihrpontiac.com 


Students wishing to be on our volunteer staff must turn in an application. Students must be in 9th-12th grade with good academic standing and have no alcohol or drug related offenses. We are looking for students that would be considered good role models in their communities and schools.

Mandatory trainings will be held before each event to get volunteers ready. Being a part of the organization is so rewarding and is a great addition to any college application. To obtain an application please contact Kay Gray gray@ihrpontiac.com or Caitlin Chagoya chagoya@ihrpontiac.com or call (815) 844-6109.